The Biz Exit Program


The Biz Exit Program has been designed to help startup founders realise the maximum for their startup on Exit.

Research shows that there are about 2 million new Tech Start-ups created each year.  Many of these will Fail or transition into a zombie start-up.  Investment of Time and Money is only realised when a start-up Exits.  This program is about maximising the number of startups that successfully Exit.

Only about one quarter of startups that register on the global databases go on to have a successful Exit.  The remainder either Fail or get caught not being able to Exit and not being able to raise more Funds.

The BizExit Planner was developed to help startups plan their Exits.  The course covers:

  • What type of Exit should I plan for
  • What are and how do I identify Exit Zones
  • Can I really get to a successful IPO?
  • Who are my likely buyers?
  • How can I value my start-up?
  • Why are Capital Raising and Exit valuations different?